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Construction Risk

Construction projects
All-risk insurance, protecting your daily operations

There is no doubt the construction industry is a specialist business area. It is often a complex industry, with numerous companies working together – or sometimes against each other – full of unique contract documents and arrangements, taking place in a high risk arena. It is potentially one of the most contentious and dispute laden businesses undertaken. If you are in the construction industry you need an insurance broker who knows and understands your business.

At Hepburns Insurance we have considerable practical experience of this industry, with a client portfolio across a wide range of developers and construction firms. It is only with such knowledge that realistic insurance protection can be set up and maintained to meet the various physical, contractual and legal risks to be faced.

Holistic insurance
Looking at all of your key risks

As specialist insurance brokers Heburns will source the right protection package available. Whether you are looking at public liability for contractors or all in one contractors cover which covers contract works, hired-in plant, own plant and tools, additional protection extension which includes cover against hazardous or high risk areas or lastly, protection against damage to works in progress from threats including fire, flood, storm, malicious damage and theft.

At Hepburns, we aim to understand your project first and foremost, analyse the risks involved and then come up with a risk management strategy that is backed by a tailored insurance package especially for you. We pride ourselves on being people-focused, so you can rest assured your construction project is in safe hands.

Construction Risk

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